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  • Using Google Apps Scripts to distribute files to users

    While it is easiest to use Google Classroom or your LMS to distribute files to users, sometimes I need to handle it myself via Apps Script as part of a larger solution. The challenge: I have a folder full of PDFs that I generated for each student. I’d need to place these unique files in […]

  • Moving Google Drive Docs/Sheets/Forms between workspaces/organizations

    Recently, I needed to move a complicated Google Form and an associated Google Sheet that stored the responses to another account. Within an organization, this is pretty easy to do, but moving between workspaces doesn’t appear possible. There is a workaround by using a Google Shared Drive in the target account and adding the source […]

  • Onboarding new users with GAM with an assist from CloudHQ

    When someone is hired at my school, our HR system sends tech support an automated message with some basic information (first name, last name, start date, personal email address, job title, supervisor, etc.). Unfortunately, this isn’t formatted the best and I used to copy/paste the information from this email into an onboarding Google Sheet I […]