Category: Python

  • Meraki API

    So Cisco/Meraki has some pretty good documentation at using the Meraki API with Python. Short version is use pip to install Meraki (pip install meraki) and then in your shell set an environmental variable called MERAKI_DASHBOARD_API_KEY to your Meraki API key (export MERAKI_DASHBOARD_API_KEY=xxxxxxx) which can be enabled and found (see Below is a little […]

  • Using ThankView API to download videos

    At the end of last year, my school used ThankView to record surprise videos for each graduating senior. We had 2-4 teachers record a short video reflecting on their relationship with the student and wishing them well. As I prepare to leave that job, I wanted to make sure the school had an archive of […]

  • Using the Zoom API to deal with webinar panelists

    In response to the pandemic my school is using Zoom Webinars for various performances. Our student Improv group has done a number of performances. The cast all need to be “panelists” in Zoom parlance, and when you duplicate a Webinar it does not duplicate the panelists. That’s a pain since there are a lot of […]